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Harsh Environment, Rugged Thermocouple Contacts: AS39029, MIL-SPEC Part No. Breakdown

Thermocouples are made from various specific alloys and are selected for specific Mil-Spec, aerospace, or other harsh environment applications based on the intended temperature range, sensitivity, magnetism, and corrosion properties. Since thermocouples are rugged and versatile they are well suited for the extreme operational demands of military applications. The basic function of thermocouples and thermocouple contacts is to monitor operating temperatures of various systems and prevent over-temperature conditions from escalating into critical system failures.

In addition to the M39029 series of military contacts, we provide contacts for a wide variety of connector series from other manufacturers. The table below indicates how our part numbers are structured to allow our customers to specify or identify within the part number design elements like: AS39029/XX number, Contact type (pin or socket), Engaging end size, Termination end size or type, Contact finish, Level of contact, etc.

MIL-SPEC Part Number Breakdown x3
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