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Ordering Thermocouple Contacts
Using Mil Part No., AS39029/X-BIN, or MIL-SPEC

In addition to all of the standard AS39029 specified, and various cross-referenced contacts in our Product Catalog, we  manufacture thermocouple, wire-wrap®, printed circuit, and coaxial (shielded) termination versions for most connectors. Should you not find the contact or termination type  required for your specific application in the Catalog, we can satisfy your requirements via special order, provided we have a cross reference to the standard power contact and/or connector which you are seeking to work with. This cross reference can be via connector MIL-SPEC and size;  Military Part Number; or AS39029/X-BIN specification.

Special Ordering Instructions

CUSTOM AREAS OF FOCUS:  AS39029 thermocouple contacts, X-BIN specification contacts, custom thermocouple contacts, custom thermocouple cables, cable assemblies design and build, cables certify, custom contacts by Military Part No., MIL-SPEC custom contacts and  connector.

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